I used to dream of living the kind of life that I didn’t need a vacation from. I didn’t want to have to retire to do what I love. So, I created a life that made traveling a key part of what I do, combining my greatest passions and adding new skills and expertise to make a digital nomad life supportable.

MICE, Ink & Wanderlust is where I share personal travel experiences, tips, guides, and insights; business strategies as a digital nomad; and professional perspectives as an events, group travel, and tourism industry pro. I was poised to leave the States and live around the globe pending my youngest son’s graduation from high school in 2020, but … COVID. This June I embarked on the journey of my dreams. Don’t mix business with pleasure, some folks say. To that, I say, Oh I definitely am!

This is my story.


“Ya don’t have to be rich.” – Prince

It’s not as expensive as you think.

“Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger” – Kanye

Global traveling with financial freedom


“Let’s go!” -Ne-Yo

Managing the project that IS  leaving the States

About This Blog

MICE stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing & Exhibitions; it’s a tourism / hospitality / travel industry thing. It’s about the conferences, retreats, summits, and group trips I host or direct and the people I get to create amazing experiences with and for.

I’m a veteran freelance editor, technical writer, owner of a boutique editing firm with a team of five, founder of writers’ and editors’ networks and events, and author of a book for aspiring and novice freelance editors. Editing is my primary work, but then there’s … travel


My events and vacation planning travel business has taken me on some awesome adventures in  many gorgeous places so far, but there’s so much more I want need to see.

Wanderlust just keeps callin’ meee!


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Costa Rica: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Costa Rica sits near the top of just about all of my clients’ travel bucket lists. I made it a point to include the country on my itinerary for two reasons. One, so that I …

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Guat’s Good in Guatemala

Despite all the negativity in my prior post, Guatemala is not all bad at all.

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Weapons for Self-Defense While Traveling

Self-defense planning is just as important a part of travel as choosing your destination. Plan in advance and you won’t be caught completely unprepared or defenseless. And if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.

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Two days in Guatemala

Two Days in Guatemala: Why I Left So Soon

Two days was all I could take. I went to Antigua, Guatemala, for two weeks of total immersion Spanish tutoring–one on one, four hours a day, with a private …

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lists, to do, paper-6131220.jpg

Steps to Leaving the States

As the months until my departure turned into weeks, the countless tasks seemed overwhelming. Putting them in writing, then in order of priority was the only logical way to …

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My Route to 884 FICO and Zero Debt Before Leaving the States

Debt elimination for me was a matter of reducing amounts I owed without incurring any further debt. My method of choice was the snowball method. I purchased my home …

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Making the Numbers Work: Financial Planning for Global Travel​

Getting clear on current expenses, income sources, and future living expenses are all critical steps anyone seeking to travel or move abroad must take to make your next move …

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International Driving Permit

The International Driving Permit

Moving down my pre-departure checklist I picked up my new international driving permit (IDP) today, and a friend asked what it is. If you’re unfamiliar with international driving permits, …

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Guatemala Bound: Spanish Language Immersion at Ixchel

Thanks a lot, Philippines Air. You forced me to change my travel route … and made my plan far better. One of the most important things to know about …

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Hi! I’m Tia, a single mom, empty nester, editor, entrepreneur, coach, and yogi planning the greatest adventure of my life. I didn’t get a gap year to travel early in life, but now it’s time to realize more of my travel dreams. Until now, I’ve been wandering only North and Central Americas—solo or bringing friends and groups with me—but staying relatively close to home while my boys were small. Now 19 and 26, they’re fully grown! Mama can roam!

So, finally, I’m venturing further, on an extended getaway with nothing but a stack of one-way tickets, a bucket list of destinations, multiple businesses and income streams that support my digital nomad lifestyle, and an insatiable urge to indulge my wanderlust, immerse in other cultures and languages, explore, and just live beyond the borders of my home land. Here on this website and on my TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, I’ll be sharing my own unique experiences and perspectives to help others make their dreams happen too. You’ll also get to meet my friends who’ve got me booking their travel so they can hang out with me along my journey.

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