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Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to God.

Editing, Writing, Events & Travel

I’m an editor, author, mentor, coach, event and travel consultant, founder and entrepreneur.

I'm Hiring

My editing firm is actively recruiting a few editorial style experts to join our team.


I polish business, marketing, and technical documents, digital content, novels, and nonfiction books, fixing mistakes, clarifying messages, and saving reputations and credibility.

Mentoring & Coaching

Want to be an editor but don't know if you have what it takes, where to start or how to set up your business for success? My mentoring or coaching program will guide you through any or every step of the process. Email me to join my waiting list to be notified when I'm accepting new applications for personalized mentoring and coaching.

Conference/ Retreat Planning

I can help you to launch your start-up event or host your next conference, retreat or summit, from finding the right venue, negotiating concessions and a fair contract, and planning the execution from start to finish.

Group/Vacation Travel Planning

Whether you're hosting a conference or retreat, family reunion, mancation, girlfriends getaway, or you just want to get away on a solo expedition, you don't want to guess your way through organizing and risk overspending, missing out on the best deals, or making the trip harder for yourself and your fellow travelers before you even pack your bags. My group and vacation travel planning services are here to help. Where do you want to go?

Speak at My Events

Do you speak on topics pertaining to entrepreneurship, writing, or training? I produce and/or sponsor retreats, conferences, and summits for which dynamic speakers with strong followings are welcome to present their own mini-retreats or master classes within our programs—without any of the administrative or financial headaches or hassles.

Events, Tourism & Travel


As much as I love editing, I’d be hard-pressed if I had to choose between copy doctoring and creating events. There’s something so invigorating about helping clients to create cost-effective, life-changing productions that fill seats, hearts, and spirits. I get so excited about finding and negotiating the perfect resort, hotel or other venue for bringing to life my clients’ ideas while minimizing the financial risks. Above all, the most gratifying for me is teaching clients how to launch that meaningful multi-day symposium that they’d only dared dream of before connecting with meeven with only a shoestring budget. I get such a thrill from being the key to making clients’ event dreams come true! And being blessed to travel, tour, and experience sites at my leisure to share with my clients is my own dream realized.

Writers Retreat

Join me, my fellow coaches, and other writers June 11-14, 2022, at a luxurious, all-inclusive five-star beachfront resort where we'll cover book publishing, the craft of writing, and the business of editing. You'll also have ample time to write on the beach, next to the pool, from your balcony, or anywhere along the Playa del Carmen coast.

Editors Retreat

For editors only, this retreat, held in conjunction with Writeful Places, offers you a luxurious getaway between you and your next project. No sessions to attend here. No laptops needed. Just you and fellow editors, a beach, palm trees, and the ocean breeze. Relax, exhale, and let the fun begin, June 12-15, 2022. Visit TheEditorsRetreat.com.

Editorial Freelancers Association Conference

For editors and those who want to be, this two-day conference offers insightful workshops, informative keynotes, and networking opportunities galore. Join us in Alexandria, Virginia, at the Westin for this event, August 25-27, 2022. Details coming soon.

The EAST Retreat

The signature event of The EAST Summit, this retreat is a learning immersion program for entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and trainers on how to seriously maximize your profits across these four sectors. June 9-12, 2022.



My clients are entrepreneurs, authors, editors, attorneys, business owners, marketers, speakers, trainers, coaches, and consultants. They’re visionaries who want to make an impact, creators who prefer working smarter over harder, and thought leaders who prioritize partnerships that produce quality results. They’re committed to taking action and hitting targets throughout the process. My clients value growth and building relationships that inspire trust, and they appreciate those who want only to see them win too.


Whether I’m editing, planning, building, or organizing, I’m in my element when I’m blending creative, outside-the-box strategies, hands-on experience, or hard-earned expertise with technical tools or resources to help my clients achieve remarkable results easier or more cost-effectively.

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So You Wanna Be an Editor . . . But Can You Edit?

“Ross pulls no punches. This veteran editor shows the wannabe freelancer why being a professional editor isn’t a quick-fix career switch. Instead, we must understand the scope of the editorial landscape, our duty of care to clients, and why training is essential. If you want to be an editor, this is the book you read first to ensure you don’t make mistakes later. Highly recommended.”

– Louise Harnby, Fiction Editor

So You Wanna Be an Editor ... But Can You Edit?

Editing and proofreading are among the most popular services offered in the gig economy by people who love words and want to get paid to read. The sad truth is that many of these individuals lack the skills and experience needed to do a proper job of editing or proofreading text for publication.

Do you know if you have what it takes to make a living as a freelance editor? Are you aware of the different types of editing, the drawbacks of the one-stop-shop business model, and how to find the right fit for you? What about the costly risks of being a faux editor? Learn from a veteran editor how to determine your real starting point, which skills to develop, and where to find training and mentors in my book.

Coming Soon!

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