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A Little Backstory

This part of my story started in 2015, when I realized I was about to get left.

Captain of my own ship
Captain of my own ship

I am the captain of my soul.

It was early fall 2015. The eldest of my two sons had graduated and gone off to college about five hours away. My youngest was boarding a bus bound for his first college campus tour. It was at that moment that I was suddenly struck with the realization that both my babies would be leaving me! What was I going to do with myself? What did I want to do?

My answer came immediately: travel and host retreats all over the globe for fellow writers and entrepreneurs.

I’m Tia. I’m a master planner and organizer, dual parts creative and technical. A solopreneur, habitual entrepreneur, author, editor, and travel enthusiast who has strategically crafted my life around my passions: FreedomAdventure, and Inspiring and Empowering Others.

This blog was initially intended to share info from FAMs on certain hotel/resort suppliers, DMCs (destination management companies), and working with CVBs (convention and visitors bureaus) and TBs (tourism bureaus) with other meeting planners. I wrote (and will eventually import) detailed reviews on hotels, resorts, and locations for groups. It can often be hard finding the right venue for certain clients or groups (especially when they’re very particular!), and most tourist review sites don’t cover the types of details we meeting planners want to know. Travel agent forums can be helpful, but I wanted to do something different.

Now that I’m embarking on this journey of a lifetime, the purpose for this blog has morphed into quite a bit more. I’ll still be reviewing venues, but now there’ll be the added sabbatical / future ex-pat perspective as I travel through each of the countries on my bucket list.

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