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Guatemala Bound: Spanish Language Immersion at Ixchel

Thanks a lot, Philippines Air. You forced me to change my travel route …

and made my plan far better.

One of the most important things to know about travel is that you must be able to pivot on a pin and either adapt or otherwise manage those things over which you have no control. An ability to redirect without breaking stride will serve you well.

I was booked to travel from Honolulu to Maui, then I realized Maui still has the 10-day quarantine in effect. I wasn’t planning to stay nearly that long, so I switched directions to go to Bali sooner. I booked a flight that would have me arriving on the evening of July 10 and a room for the first night with airport transfer.

Two days after I made the reservations, the airline changed my flight so that I’d be sitting in Manila airport on a layover for 26 hours with no chance of my getting a hotel room or leaving the airport due to COVID restrictions. I thought to redirect to Singapore first instead, but their borders are also closed. So I canceled the whole region and decided to do Central America first instead, which actually turned out to be a really good thing.

Spanish for Travelers

Ixchel Spanish School, located in Antigua, Guatemala, is among the highest-rated schools dedicated strictly to teaching the Spanish language. Courses are available for as long as you wish to stay, whether one day, a week, two weeks or several months. Your course starts when you arrive; it can begin on any day of the week. You may choose between an hour to eight hours per day. The fees range from $16 to $340 and include one-on-one tutoring, with longer studies to include shared, private, or family homestay. Meals are optional at a slightly added cost with shared and private rooms.

They offer childcare, plus they arrange extracurricular activities every day Monday through Friday and weekend tours to other great destinations in Guatemala each weekend.

I must say I’m rather pleased with my new plan. The school came quite highly rated by my cousin Disa, who attended through her company and is now rather fluent. Being able to speak Spanish will undoubtedly make the first five months of my trip throughout Latin America even more enjoyable. Not only that, the uncertainty of the status of each country in SE Asia and Oceania was making me so anxious that switching to Central America first was actually a relief! This allows much more time for the countries on my list to possibly open before I try again to head that way.

Ixchel Spanish School
9a Calle Oriente #5
Antigua, Guatemala
+502 7832-3440

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