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Travel Dreams Deferred

The day my then 12-year-old youngest son set out on his first college campus tour, I realized my divorced self would be living in that house alone before too long. That would never do, I told myself, and the only way I could guarantee that both my boys didn’t leave me there was to make sure I left at the same time.

I was working then at a law firm and began diligently plotting both where I wanted to be instead and how I’d fashion a lifestyle that enabled me to do it. I envisioned myself jetsetting the globe, exploring islands and navigating countrysides across the tropics worldwide.

I evaluated my skills. I had plenty. I was confident one of them would afford me the nomad experience I desired. The only real question was which one to pursue.

Fast-forward to January 2020. My youngest would be graduating high school in May. I’d sold my house, eliminated all debt, expanded my available credit to over $100K, significantly increased my savings, and built several businesses that made my dream totally doable. By June I’d be halfway around the world!

And then, of all things, a pandemic threw a totally unexpected wrench into my plan. I had to stay put until the world got back to normal. If the world gets back to normal. Omg, will the world EVER get back to normal? It was looking pretty bleak around January 2021, so I began resigning myself to the possibility that it wouldn’t happen this year either.

As of today, March 25, it still hasn’t happened. However, countries are starting to announce dates of reopening, My original plan included South America and South Africa. 

Now it looks like:

I wasn’t trying to get the vaccine, but these countries are open to vaccinated tourists. (Ecuador and Galapagos Islands were on my original list!) Clearly it’s going to come down to how badly I want to gooooo.

Either way, I don’t have much time left to decide whether I’m going or not since the lease on my temporary living space will be up for renewal come June. Moving out will require giving notice in April. I’m getting down to the wire, but it could really go either way!

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